2017 Fee Schedule

We decided in the beginning to focus on patient relationships rather than insurance requirements. Therefore, our office is out of network for all insurance carriers.

We will provide each patient with a receipt that is called a "superbill" by the insurance industry. You can submit this superbill to your particular insurance carrier and, in most cases, there is some benefit available to you for out-of-network care. (Important exceptions are Medicare and Medicaid for which we are NOT a contracted provider and you are NOT eligible for reimbursement.)

It is the patient's responsibility to know how the details of their insurance plan and to submit the superbill. Payment is expected at the time of your visit.


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​​​​Initial Consultation   $1150      2 1/2 hours with Dr O'Brien

  • This fee includes the considerable time Dr O'Brien will spend PRIOR to your visit reviewing the comprehensive health history, intake questionnaires, and any previous medical records or lab results that are sent by your medical providers to create context for your consultation.
  • Initial visits are approximately approximately 2-3 hours face-to-face time with Dr O'Brien depending on the complexity of your particular health issues. We walk together through the detailed history that you provided looking for antecedents, triggers, and mediators of your present health challenges. Together we explore your family history looking for any predisposition to disease. Your lifestyle including diet, sleep, stress, relationships and environmental exposures are thoroughly reviewed. Lastly, a full medical and nutritional physical exam is also included to evaluate for further indicators of imbalance.
  •  A comprehensive visit summary is uploaded to the Patient Portal for every patient after their visit that specifically describes recommendations for food/diet, excercise/movement, stress management/lifestyle, supplements/medications, testing/imaging/diagnostics. This creates a tailor-made course to follow that addresses your particular needs. 
  • ​The intention is for every patient to leave their consultation empowered to take meaningful steps toward their best health that is applicable to them personally. 
  •  A comprehensive food plan, recipes, shopping list, and numerous informative handouts are provided to guide each patient in their next steps toward whole health.


Any laboratory or other diagnostic tests that are ordered are billed separately and are NOT included in consultative fees. 


Follow Up​  Visits   $225 per 30 minutes   (30 minute minimum)

  • These visits are always with Dr O'Brien.  These appointments focus on review of any lab results, your physical response to dietary, exercise, and/or lifestyle modifications, and to continue the development of your healing plan. Normally scheduled at 6-8 week intervals, this is our time to work as partners on your journey to whole health. 
  • Phone consultation, Skype or other forms of communication may be utilized for follow up visits depending on your preferences, location, and needs. 


Membership Fee​    $75 monthly

As an established patient-partner of Dr O'Brien, you belong to a small, private practice and are cared for by a Doctor that knows you, partners with you, and is emotionally invested in your health goals. There is no double booking of appointments. No crowded waiting room. Every plan of care is custom made for the recipient patient and every supplement recommendation is tailored to the individual, not the disease process.  

  • Reaching your wellness goals and solving your complex health puzzle are part of Dr O'Brien's work every day not only during your appointments. You are not billed for the time spent dedicated to your success outside of appointments. You are encouraged and expected to be an active participant in your care. 


  • Offering this level of customized care and service means the practice size must be kept small compared to traditional medical practices where 3,000+ patients are herded in and out annually.  
  • You are free to wait until after your initial consultation to decide if you'd like to continue as a member patient without any obligation.​